Saturday, February 23, 2019
10 Best Delco Tattoos

10 Best Delco Tattoos

Delco Pride is proud to announce the top 10 Delco inspired tattoo art.  The poll was conducted by some of the world’s top tattoo artist who have painstakingly poured through hundreds of thousands of entries. Actually we just did a Google search after slamming a 30 pack. Anyway check out some interesting ink that says Delco forever.

10) Love the fact this kid is showing the Wawa love. They are going to love him in prison.

My mom is going to kill me.

My mom is going to kill me.

9) Septa Logo. Pretty sure he got this under the El near K and A.


septa tattoo

8) Ok it’s not Delco but this is a pretty sweet tat. Love the detail. You can even tell it’s Gulden’s mustard on that dog.yuengling tattoo

7) Great idea.. Poor execution. Temporary tats are for 5 year olds dude.

DelcoPride Tattoo1

6) White supremacist in Delco. Never would have guessed. 

5) Never forget where you are from.  Seriously. If I get too drunk..send me to the red star.

Delco Tat2

4) Wawa Green Tea Thigh Tat. Love the originality. Makes me thirsty.
wawa green tea tat

3) Love the devotion of Union fans. Delco’s ONLY pro sports team.union tat

2) TO EVERYONE: Wawa is a DELCO based company. NOT Philly.


1) Need we say more?

delco tattoo pic

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