Friday, April 19, 2019
Dining Delco:Trattoria Giuseppe
Trattoria Giuseppe in Edgemont.

Dining Delco:Trattoria Giuseppe

It’s great to have some restaurants in Delaware County where you just don’t have to think about what you are going to get.  Consistency is the key to to any great business. Give people what they expect. The success of McDonald’s is not because a Big Mac tastes delicious. It’s the Big Mac tastes the same whether it’s made in Broomall or Birmingham. Customers like to know what they’re getting when they walk in the door. There’s a certain comfort to that. Like an old sweater.

Consistency is what you get when you visit Trattoria Giuseppe’s in Edgemont.  Expect the place to be crowded, the food to be exceptional, and expect to bring home lunch for the next day.

Just to make sure we got this one right we visited the BYOB on 7 different occasions for lunch and dinner in the last month.  5 times for dinner and twice for lunch.

Expect to see your host Giuseppe hastily greeting the constant flow of guests streaming through the barely finished expanded lobby and new dining rooms.  On 2 Saturday evening visits, the new expanded lobby was completely packed with customers waiting. We had reservations for 7:30 and were not seated until 8:15. But again, we expected this. Being able to open our bottle of wine in the lobby didn’t hurt either.

Giuseppe's Trattoria crowded Saturday night.

Giuseppe’s Trattoria crowded Saturday night.


On to the food.

Giuseppe’s lunch specials are among the best in the region.  Their online menu lists $12.95 for soup and pasta or salad and pasta. But when we went there the $9.95 lunch special included soup or salad, most pasta dishes and sandwiches off the menu and includes coffee or soft drink. You cannot get a better lunch value anywhere.

On our first lunch, my date and I shared the Insalata Arugola ($10.50).   Arugola with sundried tomatoes, red peppers with shredded endive. The salad was actually good without dressing but I opted for the balsamic vinegarette on the side. Nice start to a healthy lunch.

My favorite pasta on the menu is the Ravioli in Salsa Aurora.($9.50/$17.50) The light tomato creme sauce with a nice tangy finish was poured onto 4 large raviolis. I must admit I was a little disappointed that I was able to finish my meal. I have never been able to do that at Giuseppe’s.

For dinner we love the the grilled calamari for an phenomenal appetizer.

Calamari alla Griglia ($10.95). This is not your daddy’s calamari. These are fresh calamari slices that cut more like a steak than fish. The healthy serving is marinated in olive oil and garlic sauce that’s perfect for dipping their delicious bread.  This is a dish that is not to be missed.

My favorite dish at Giuseppe’s is the Linguini Frutti di Mare ($20.95). A massive portion of pasta with a mountain of crab, mussels and squid drowned in a garlic tomato sauce with a hint of spice that leaves you craving more.  As with most of the dishes at Giuseppe’s a word of warning: Prepare to bring home leftovers.

I could go on and on about the menu. Bottom line is everything on the menu is excellent.  Including the deserts. We recommend the sampling of gelato. It’s not on the menu but your server will take care of you.

I could not talk about this place without discussing the fine service. All but one of the visits we had exceptional service. We chalked up the bad experience with the service to just having a bad, busy night. However, twice we were graced with one of the best servers in the business. Michael T. He not only knows the menu but he’ll also know your name and your kids names by the end of the night.  And he’ll also remember your name when you come in next time. Trust us: Ask for him and he may even teach you a little Italian.

My only complaint is the crowds and noise. They could make the place bigger but they’ve already done that.  The place is huge and it’s still always packed.  But those are downfalls of a successful restaurant. It won’t make me stop going back.  Kind of like wearing an old sweater.

Trattoria Giuseppe’s
4799 West Chester Pike
Edgemont, PA 19073