Thursday, February 21, 2019
Beers for Books

Beers for Books

OK. File this one under:Genius. Your drinking can now help the world become a better place.  Lifelong Delconians and brothers David an Jack Cunicelli of 320 Market Cafe (713 Chester Road, Rt. 320, Swarthmore) have launched “Beers for Books”.  And just as the title sounds it’s exactly what it does.  It’s a fundraiser to help increase adult literacy in Delaware County and fueled by the admiration of fine craft brews.

320 jugHere’s how the programs works. Craft beer lovers donate $5 to enjoy half price craft-brew draught beers from 16 taps from 5:30- 8:30pm every Wednesday night through the month of June. 320 Market Cafe will match each $5 donation and contributes 100% of the funds collected to The Delaware County Literacy Council-a non-profit coalition founded in 1975. Their mission is to teach adults in Delaware County to read, write, speak and understand English.

Owners David and Jack Cunicelli

Owners David and Jack Cunicelli



“My brother Jack and I decided when we acquired our beer license last fall that we wanted to utilize it to benefit area charities. said David Cunicelli, c0-owner of 320 Market and Cafe. “We’re thrilled to be able to help our neighbors learn to read, write, speak and understand English simply by providing a period of time each week where our customers get a deal on some of the best brewed beers in the world. Talk about a win-win” he said.

The “Beers for Books” campaign will run every Wednesday night through June 25th. The Cunicelli’s will announce the beneficiary of their Delco-based charity craft beer initiative in early June. Charities interested in being considered for fundraising at 320 Market Cafe should should contact:

And all those years my mother said drinking was bad….. 

320 Market Cafe

713 Chester Road (Rt. 320)

Swarthmore, PA

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