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Delco Diana: What It Means to be “Delco Family”

Delco Diana: What It Means to be “Delco Family”


“…what it lacks in wealth, it makes up for in heart…” ~ Stephanie Farr of the Philadelphia Inquirer

Farr was speaking about our home, Delaware County. Her words couldn’t be truer. Delco may not be the wealthiest county surrounding Philadelphia, but we truly do have the most heart and pride, in who we are, where we come from and in helping our neighbors.

The quote was taken from an article written about Brayden Chandler, a little boy from Springfield who was battling Cancer, who captured the hearts of Delco. Brayden lost his courageous battle against yesterday, although this little boy has left us he spirit will not. Through traditional and social media outlets, we heard about his battle; the community stepped up to help out one of it’s own. From the hero’s welcome home from Disney, the benefit in his honor or the hundreds of customers who showed up at Primo’s to help support this little boy and his family. Delco showed up as a family to support the Chandler’s – those who knew them and those who didn’t.
The story of Brayden Chandler, is just one of many. The residents and families of Delaware County are always ready to support one of their own, in any way we can. From well know organizations like HEADstrong and the Little Angles Foundation or grass roots fundraisers, such as Beef and Beers and 5K runs. Each a worthy cause and are meaningful ways to help out your community.

This past weekend I had the honor to attend the 4th annual Lime Light Gala held by the HEADstrong Foundation. A young man from Ridley Township, Nicholas Colleluori, started the HEADstrong Foundation. Nick was not only a stand out athlete but also an outstanding young man, who was relentless in all that he did on and off the football and lacrosse fields. Nick’s mission was simple, to help others who were suffering from the disease that ultimately took his life. The Colleluori family is dedicated to not only Nick’s memory, but to his cause. As I sat at the Lime Light Gala listening to Nick’s mom, Cheryl speak on all that HEADstrong Foundation has done for those fighting blood-cancers, I looked around the ballroom at the Hyatt Regency, there were faces from all of the country, including many from Delco (business owners, the Superintendent and teachers of Ridley School District, Delaware County State Representatives and the District Attorney), we were all there to support a family and a cause started by relentless young man from Delco.

On my recent trip to Clearwater for Spring Training, a man next to me at the Tiki Bar was wearing a lime HEADstrong T-shirt. I asked if he was from Delco; the man from Springfield knew immediately why I asked the question, his T-shirt. As the spring and summer months approach there will be many beef and beers, fundraisers and 5K runs to support families in our areas. It doesn’t take too much to show your support, whether it be a “like” on Facebook, a ticket to a beef and beer or attending/participating in a 5k or walk, get out and show your support of our Delco Family.

I have listed a few below:

Multiple Sclerosis Beef and Beer, April 4, 2014 Maggie O’Neill’s Drexel Hill 7:00p

Team Charley Beef & Beer, April 5, 2014 Barnaby’s West Chester 3:00p– supports a 3-month baby and her family from Brookhaven. Charley, recently had a brain tumor removed and is going through aggressive chemotherapy treatments.

Eddystone Community Cancer Walk, April 26, 2014 4:30p

We are all part of the “Delco Family”. Around here, no one fights alone!~Delco Diana

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