Thursday, February 21, 2019

Delco’s Everyday Hero:Charlie Duffy

Not every hero has a mask and a cape. Some wear a bright orange vest and carry a stop sign. Meet crossing guard Charlie Duffy.  4 times a day you can find him at the corner of Bunting Lane and Oak Avenue in Primos. He’s been keeping the kids at Primos Elementary School safe for the past 8 years and has barely missed a day of work.  We stopped to talk to Charlie for a few minutes one morning. We found out why he’s such a popular guy. Even if you don’t have kids at school you probably have gotten a friendly wave from Charlie if you ever drive around here.

After 40 years in the banking industry he’s now retired to a life of keeping watch over children in Primos.  Here’s to our Delco “Everyday Hero”: Charlie Duffy.  Thanks for all you do Charlie.








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