Saturday, February 23, 2019
Delco’s Springfield Mimics Simpson’s Hometown. (sort of)

Delco’s Springfield Mimics Simpson’s Hometown. (sort of)


Pour yourself a glass of Duff Beer, Springfield, you’ve been voted fourth most like the Simpsons’ hometown.

Real estate blog Estately, which is not run by Cookie Kwan, used 11 factors in determining which Springfield was most like the Simpsons’ Springfield, including donut shops per capita, clowns and comic book stores per capita and bars per capita.

However, where Delco’s Springfield really outshined the competition was in the category of residents per capita named Simpson and proximity to a nuclear power plant, 35 miles away in Limerick.

But, “Even better,” the blog said, “it’s home to Moe’s Grille, which offers ‘$1 Duff mugs from 5-7 p.m.”

Springfield, you’re “a hell of a town.”

Delco’s Springfield was beat out by similarly-named towns in Missouri, Massachusetts and Illinois.



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