Thursday, February 21, 2019
Dining Delco: Johnny’s Pizza

Dining Delco: Johnny’s Pizza

Sometimes you are destined to be somewhere. That’s what I felt after I left Johnny’s Pizza at 547 Chester Pike in Prospect Park. My gas tank on the Camaro was on E and had to pull over and get gas at a Sunoco station. As I was pumping I looked across the street and noticed Johnny’s Pizza. I knew the Johnny’s name from their original Sharon Hill location but never ate there.

This was my chance. I asked the nice girl at the counter what was good on the menu. She gave me the obligatory “everything”.  I was in the mood for pizza but she sold me on a cheesesteak.

I ordered the cheesesteak hoagie with extra cheese for $6.35 and an order of wings. I was pleasantly surprised. Even during a weekend dinner rush my order was promptly brought to my table in less than 10 minutes.  Hearty servings of steak served on a nice chewy roll. Not too messy and plenty of american cheese.  The 10 wings for $5.65 were also a good bargain.  I ordered the “hot” wings and they were just the right spiciness.  All around it was a great meal at a great price.

Johnny’s boasts a huge menu of pizza, stromboli’s calzone,salads and platters. One guy in the joint told me he eats Johnny’s sausage and peppers twice a week for dinner.

The place has delivery and has a few tables. I recommend eating there to catch some of the local gossip. From the half hour I was there I overheard a few really good stories I wouldn’t dare print.

All in all, an unexpected stop turned out to be a really nice surprise. I’m actually glad I ran out of gas.

Visit Johnny’s at 547 Chester Pike in Prospect Park. 610-461-8600

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