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Delco’s Voice Audra McLaughlin eliminated from “The Voice”

Glenolden's Audra McLoughlin performs on NBC's "The Voice"

Glenolden’s Audra McLaughlin performs on NBC’s “The Voice”

UPDATE 5/7/14

We are sad to say that Audra was eliminated on Tuesday night despite a great effort by fans to Tweeted #VoiceSave Audra. It was a magnificent run for our favorite Delco country singer.  It was a privilege to see her sing every week and see her rise to stardom.  Thanks for taking us along for the ride Audra.  Can’t wait to see what is next for you.


Team Blake Shelton’s contestant Audra McLaughlin took the stage tonight on THE VOICE for her Top 8 live performance.  Audra sang “Forgive” by Rebecca Lynn Howard.  On tonight’s show the remaining artists from each coach,Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira’s team performed live for America’s vote and the chance to move on to the Top 6.  Did you miss tonight’s episode?  If you did miss it, we watched it and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode Audra sang “Let Her Go” by The Band Perry and Blake had this to say about his performance, “Blake says that he is so proud and excited because she just made everyone pay attention to her; having an amazing moment.”

On tomorrow night’s episode America will vote to eliminate two artists from the competition. The three artists with the least number of votes will face elimination and sing once again in hopes to stay in the competition. One will remain by surviving the Instant Save and the other two will be eliminated.

UPDATE 4/28/14

“The Voice” moved into the Live Top 10 round Audra performed “You Lie”  by. All of the judges agreed it was one of Audra’s best performance so far.  With her mother and father in the audience . The episode highlighted the week of coaching session by music producer Scott Hendricks.

Audra from Team Blake took the spotlight with the sultry ballad and dressed the part in a gorgeous white, floor-length dress. Audra knocked the song out of the park.  It was a real powerful performance and the judged agree.

Usher joked “It sucks…………that I can’t be like that”  Shakira says “You are going to be in the Top 5”. Adam called it a “World class performance”.   It’s pretty clear our girl is going to be near the top at the end of this season. Thanks for taking us for the ride. 


The Pride of Glenolden, Audra McLaughlin once again moves on on “The Voice” on NBC. Tonight’s episode featured McLaughlin belting out “Broken Wings” by Martina McBride.

The judges were blown over. Usher says he’s starting to see “a different side” of Audra as an entertainer. Shakira says the performance was “beautiful, powerful and potent” And Adam says she was “spectacular”. The performance was once again good enough for Coach Blake to keep Audra for his final 3 perfomers to go into the playoff round. Unlike other weeks next week’s playoffs are expected to be a live broadcast. So there’s a good chance we’ll see Audra perform live from Los Angeles for the first time next week. Again, we will be watching. GO AUDRA!! #TeamBlake #TeamDelco 

Audra McLaughlin battles Megan Ruger. (NBC)

Audra McLaughlin battles Megan Ruger. (NBC)

UPDATE: 4/1/13

The pride of Glenolden, Delaware County, Audra McLaughlin went up against  Megan Ruger battling  it out for a spot on Team Blake with “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus on The Voice season 6 Battle Round 2, March 31, 2014 episode.

Here’s what the judges have to say about their performance:

Usher would have given the round to Audra. Blake relates more to Megan as an artist. Adam feels Audra is one of the best vocalists in the entire competition, but says that Megan was able to hang with her on the big notes, which means this is going to be a tough one for Blake. Shakira felt a deeper connection to Audra’s vocal. Blake picked Audra McLaughlin as the winner of the battle.

As the Audra advances on the show expect to see more of her. Due to confidentiality Audra does not even know if or how much she’ll appear each episode. This keeps fans watching for every show.  We’re trying to get in touch with Audra for an interview about her Delco roots.  Stay tuned..

In the meantime-Keep watching and rooting for Audra on “The Voice” on NBC Monday and Tuesday nights.

Watch Audra’s reaction to winning the Battle Round

UPDATE 3/24/14:

Congratulations to Audra Lynn McLaughlin for winning her battle round on NBC’s “The Voice”. Here journey continues in the competition.  “The Voice” airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8pm.  My guess is you’ll be seeing a lot more of this Delco dynamo in coming weeks as the competition gets weeded out. We’re all behind you Audra. Delco Proud!!

UPDATE:  The pride of Glenolden, Audra Lynn McLaughlin, current contestant on “The Voice”, is making the local media round on her journey to stardom.  This past week the 22-year-old has made appearances on NBC10, “The Preston and Steve Show” on 93.3 WMMR, and WXTU-FM. Her social media are blowing up and she seems to be taking it all in stride.

McLaughlin, the Interboro High Grad and Delaware County Community College student seems to be one of the early favorites on the show. Promos for this week’s show (Monday 3/24, 8pm NBC) show Audra singing in the shows “Battle Round” with a fellow contestant.

This week Audra was asked 10 questions by NBC 10.

How did you first learn about The Voice auditions? I started going to the DelCo Let There Be Rock School about a year ago, and in April they sent my videos in to The Voice. It was an industry referral, actually, and they got back to them within two weeks and asked if I wanted to come in for a private, industry audition in New York, and it all stemmed from there.

During the blind auditions, did you already know which judge you were going to pick? Definitely before, when I was being asked, my decision was Blake Shelton, always, going into it. I mean, there was always that moment that, depending on whatever they said, I was willing to change who I would go with but I just think that what he said to me really stuck with me and so I decided to go with him.

What would you say has been your favorite moment in the competition so far? There’s so many, but to pick one, I guess would definitely be working with Blake Shelton. It’s like so priceless to have the chance to work with someone that is so well respected in the music industry; someone that I look up to so much. And I think he’s just such a great person and he really just makes you feel so confident about yourself. It’s just been amazing to get to work with someone like him.

Have you gotten a lot of support from your classmates at Delaware County Community College? Definitely online, and on my Twitter, and on my Facebook and all of my social networks, it’s been such an incredible network of support from everybody. I actually took a year off from school, so I haven’t been there in a couple of months, but the support has been just amazing.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced since you’ve been on the show? I think, you know, the battle rounds definitely were very, very tough, because you’re battling against your friends. These are people that you’ve really been spending so much time with, and you both want this so bad and you’re just hoping, you know that the best thing will come out of it. So, I think just working together–I love working with other people–but just knowing that they’re your friends is difficult.

What has been your strategy for giving yourself an edge over the competition? I’ve been working with my vocal coach Melissa Daley for almost a year now, and she just worked with me, day-in and day-out, helping me really just make my songs my own. We work over the phone when we’re out there and she gives me different advice and tips on everything that goes into it. We’re a good team.

I’m sure it’s been sort of a whirlwind going from regular life to being on television every week. What do you miss most about life before The Voice? I’ve always been very family-oriented. My family and I, we go on a lot of vacations and we spend a lot of time together. So, lately, my time has been just focusing on this competition. So, I miss spending time with my family but I know that their always gonna be there for me and they’ve always been my biggest fans, so it’s nice to know that I’ll always have them.

Do you still get nervous on stage? Growing up I had stage fright a little bit, but by doing it so much I’ve gotten so much more comfortable doing it. I mean, I always get nervous. I think that, as a singer, getting up on that stage is so different than anything else that you do in your normal day life but it’s what I love to do. So, I think that it just comes so natural in a way, but I do still get nervous.

At this point in the competition, how optimistic do you feel about winning? There’s just so many incredibly talented people in this competition. I mean, they’re all so amazing. So, I’m really just going to work really hard and, you know, just do my best  and hope that the best comes out of it.


Audra on WXTU-FM

Audra on WXTU-FM

ORIGINAL POST:Ever since she was a little girl Audra McLaughlin always wanted to be a singer. Well at 22 years old, it looks like her dream has come true in a big way. Audra a graduate of Interboro High School and current student at Delaware County Community College is one of the contestants on this season’s “The Voice” on NBC.  And in her first appearances, she’s wowing the judges. In last weeks episode all 4 judged turned their chairs around (the shows version of a thumbs up) in approval for McLaughlin’s blind audition.

Her voice helped her sing in the school play at Interboro High School and to  singing in “Delco Idol” competition at the Media Theatre but nothing prepared her for this. Singing in front of millions of people  on one of the most popular shows on television. Not bad for a girl from Glenolden. But her dream is still going. Just competing on NBC’s “The Voice” isn’t enough. She wants to win.

Audra who had a learning disability as a child now has a 3.6 GPA and is using her new found notoriety to campaign against bullying. She says she was a victim of bullying as a child. She want to inspire other kids who have been victims of bullying.


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