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About Me The ruler of Delco. The original Don.

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  1. Thanks Rick. Appreciate the support.

  2. Other famous people from Delco. Todd Rucci Upper Darby played for New England Patriots. Now a governor Corbett appointee (news last 2 weeks).

    David Murphy weather guy for channel 6. Believe he grew up in Drexel Hill and also Lansdowne

    Cecily Tynan of 6 ABC has lived in Delco since she started working for them years ago…

  3. Todd Rundgren

  4. How about Tug McGraw & Mike Schmidt?

  5. John Mobley (Denver Broncos), Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, – Both Chichester, Bill Mass (Marple Newtown), Joe Valerio and Matt Blundin (Ridley/Chiefs), Danny Bonaduce (Broomall), Jennifer Aniston lived in Eddystone as a kid, Mickey Vernon (AL batting champ from 1792?), J

  6. Did wiki say anything about Tyreke Evans being the driver in a drive by murder?

  7. interested in a delco theme song? i’d love to donate my time and pitch some for you guys….. delco born and raised and doing my thing with music just trying to give back

    peace and great work with the site


  8. Add one more. In most business, a fast no is better than a slow yes.

  9. C’mon! Jim Croce, Upper Darby class of 1960. The guy wrote a song called New York is not My Home because his record label made him go live there to be inspired but he missed Delco so much. Probably the most accomplished musician to ever come out of Delco. Get it together.

  10. Danny Morgan
    Clifton Heights
    Look him up on Wikipedia

  11. Todd Rundgren was born and raised in Upper Darby. I think in Westbroom Park.

  12. How about Todd Rundgren, Hall And Oats , Joan Jett?

  13. Joan Jett grew up in Lansdowne Delco

  14. Garrett Brown, Haverford 1960 – inventor of Steadicam, Flycam, etc., etc.. Has won numerous awards, including Oscars. Also was the voice in the infamous Molson Golden Ale radio and tv commercials in the 60’s and 70’s. Check him out!

  15. You have overlooked my childhood friend Chuck Dixson from La carra drive in lansdown. Creator of the comic book character Banes and the Expendables. Nice guy and all around interesting person.

    • hall and oates were not from UD. D Hall is from up near Pottstown and J Oates grew up near Sellersville Chuck Dixon went to UDHS

  16. Brinton Lake. With an N

  17. If the three anchor stores remain in the property: They should rebuild their stores from scratch. Sears looks horrible, and Boscovs would downgrade the rest of the redevelopment. The 3 chains look dated, cheap, and they would be completely out of place in this upcoming complex. The case that would be worrisome is SEARS as it is in the chopping block. Bring better stores: Macys, Crate & Barrel, Bloomindgales, etc. Otherwise it will be a mismatch of stores. Neither JCP, Sears or Boscovs really invest in having nice, clean stores anywhere.

    • if there’s a town meeting again propose that they remodel those stores. i personally love boscovs because they’re cheap and i got alot of my things for my home from there but i don’t shope much in sears or jcpennys.

    • If BET investments is involved I’m sure they will make them do some renovations. I almost moved into one of their new properties and they do really high end stuff. It’s owned by Bruce Toll of Toll Brothers. They do nice work. I am very picky and the place I was looking at was really nice. They do retail and residential and so far they have fixed up all the properties they bought or built very nicely. Anything is better than the eyesore that is there now.

    • Concerned In Delco

      Sears and the other stores are very dated do they plan on building new stores or doing something to change their look, why are they staying? they bring in next to nothing in revenue they have limited stock, Why not start with
      all new updated stores with better retailers then failing ones. People in the community must start to speak up
      against this now!!! Sears must go its old and dated, Pennys will be fine if it updates and Boscovs needs to
      clean up its store and change it look. Stop the failing stores they will just become holes in the ground
      they are doing nothing now what does the community think will happen in the future,

      • From what we understand the anchor stores had long-term contract which have to be honored. The older stores will undergo major renovations.

      • Bass pro shop outworld would be nice. This area could use one. It would bring customers in form all over. Get rid of Sears and turn it in to a bass pro shop. And maybe a Lord n Taylor. High end stores we don’t have around he. And maybe a Dave n busters.

    • Yea high end stores will be nice.

    • Concerned citizen

      High end stores? That’s right, make the area unaffordable. People in the surrounding towns are already talking about the people moving in. They think they are better than God. Money and greed don’t make people better! You want to get rid of stores like JCP, Sears and Boscov’s. Go live in NYC!

  18. Casey Baldwin I heard you were an eagles cheerleader, but to actually see you with them is pretty cool. We graduated toghether in 2008 from Harney valley high. Why did you say your name was victoria.

  19. Casey Baldwin I heard you were an eagles cheerleader, but to actually see you with them is pretty cool. We graduated toghether in 2008 from garnet valley high school. Why did you say your name was victoria?

  20. Don’t forget Bradley Cooper who lived on Madison Avenue in Upper Darby (Lawrence Park), PA.

  21. I don’t know where the writer is from, but as someone born and raised in Delco, the Granite Run Mall was NEVER “the premier shopping mall in Delaware County.” It was always regarded well below the Springfield Mall, drawing a middle-class to blue collar crowd, and somewhere above the MacDade Mall (which is not a high bar to clear.) Its low-end, run-down anchor stores and antiquated design sealed its fate; I just frankly can’t believe it took this long to finally close.

    To keep the current anchor stores would be the definition of “lipstick on a pig”; you may as well not bother. What high-end stores want to join a development whose anchors are Boscov’s, Sears, and JCP?? Buy them out of their contracts if they have long-term leases. Frankly, the place is doing so poorly, I would think these retailers would be happy to be released from their contracts.

    The place needs a Lowe’s, a Panera, Crate and Barrel, Urban Outfitters, a DSW, Marshalls, and a Super Target. Maybe a Home Goods as well. These would be spaced far enough from other stores for each of those retailers. To whomever suggested the entire Sears building become a Bass pro shop…seriously, what planet are you on?? The ONLY thing that would be good to keep from Sears is a stand-alone store of Lands End. To the other who suggested Bloomingdales, I think that’s a little high-end for the area. We need updated stores that are neither too high-end, nor too low-end, that will elevate what’s been there. Keeping the current stores there is only going to drag it down.

    • Apparently a longer DelCo resident

      Not sure how old you are but there was a time that Springfield Mall was not much more than Tri-State Mall. Granite Run was truly the mecca for shopping in DelCo. Springfield Mall really took a downturn when Sylvia Seegrist went on a killing spree there. Several years later they started refurbishing the mall and it bounced back strong in the 90’s. With the upswing at Springfield, Granite Run started losing customers and retailers. It never recovered.

      I spent many days of my youth in Aladdin’s Castle or grabbing a slice from Scotto’s. Both of my sisters worked at Farrell’s (which has made a small comeback in California) and I have vivid memories of the family sitting at a round table in the early days of Peking, spinning the lazy susan in the middle to share our food.

  22. My dad owned Keller and Wolf Paving. We are creating a memorial of sorts and I was wondering if you had any old pictures of Sheehy Ford on Baltimore Pike or of Keller and Wolf in your archives?
    Thank you so much,
    Jojo Wolf

  23. Delco born and raised

    If you want to shop at Target, DSW and Home Goods, go to the Towne Center at Brinton Lake. Bloomingdales would be a perfect fit for a more upscale clientele. Forget the Lowes. And there’s a Panera in Springfield and Marple. No more crappy chain resteraunts! I’m tired of traveling to KOP for decent shopping. I think upper mid-scale shopping is the way to go. Give us something we don’t already have in the area, please!!!

  24. I actually love Sears and Boscovs. They are the only reason I go to that mall. I have watched it go down in the last year, with stores coming and going as quickly as they came. Springfield Mall is not much better. All Boscovs and Sears look the same, so I don’t think doing an overhaul would make much of a difference. Even putting a movie theatre inside won’t change much, because it’s literally right across the street from the mall now. I prefer movie theatres that are seperate from the mall. Springfield Mall is not much better, it only has Macy’s & Target and if you ever go on a Friday or Saturday, it is completely taken over by mallrats or skateboard type kids. It’s not “kid friendly” like say Plymouth Meeting or Willow Grove Malls (Montgomery County). There are no good Malls in Delaware County in my opinion. I can’t wait to see the “new” GRM.

  25. I applaud the re do of granite run mall and by keeping Sears, JC Penney, Boscov’s is a win win for my friends and family. We have always found what we were shopping for at one of these stores and at a better price than on line shopping sites. Other stores come and go but Sears, JC Penney, Boscov’s have survived because they appeal to shoppers of all ages and don’t forget “Made in the U.S.A.” items are available at all 3 stores. Americans need to remind themselves of the quality and jobs associated and use their shopping dollars wisely. Other commenters have suggested flashy stores where “Made in China” items are all they stock, yes the price is low but the quality is poor. I hope the re do goes well and the proposed residential area brings many new shoppers to my 3 favorite stores.

  26. While the artist’s rendering of the proposed Granite Run Mall re-developement looks promising, I agree with the above comments.
    JC Penney and Sears are are stores that are as dated as the concept of a shopping mall. Like the dinosaur, their time has come and gone. And sadly Boscovs is not too far behind. Raze the entire mall and start fresh. Western Delaware County deserves far better.

  27. Stephenie Lagrossa(Kendrick) grew up in Glenolden,PA and was my childhood friend. She was on the hit show Survivor 3 times and married Kyle Kendrick, Phillies pitcher.

  28. may I suggest a sampling station on saxer ave this saturday for the springfield st. patrick’s day parade!

  29. Just wondering with this crazy weather, how sitting outside would be a good idea. GRM has a bad taste in stores minds. Now that JC Penney is closing, what is left, a run down sears that is so cold since the malls heat is off, and Boscovs, in my opinion the only true department store left. The west coast is warm and summer here today is 43 degrees and windy, who wants to eat outside on metal furniture?

  30. What about Lloyd Alexander?

  31. Hey guy’s you should also consider Donna Barnes. Pretty successful.. check her out

  32. Lance "The Jackhammer" Martinicchio

    How about George Lombardo? Former owner of Lump’s and longtime Clifton resident.

  33. What about Christa McAuliffe from the challenger disaster. Born in Boston but taught in Delco before her untimely demise. I think she deserves a mention.

  34. Is it true that the wudder comes from Darby Crick?

    Just kidding! Had some at an event at Drexelbrook. Really good stuff! Especially the lager.

  35. Boscov’s is a great store and the only reason I go to that area. It could use a little updating for sure but the products they sell are nice and inexpensive. I don’t shop at that Sears (KOP Sears is much nicer) and I never shop at JC Penny – cheap. Some nicer restaurants would be nice there. Not Panera’s (their food is crap) or another crappy chain restaurant. Or if you do a chain restaurant at least make it something with good food like Chipotle, Honeygrow, Cosi or Salad Works. Outdoor dining is a great idea and can be enjoyed in the nice weather.

  36. Joe Klecko – NY Jets legend … Born in chester PA

  37. Marta Kauffman, co-creator of ‘Friends’, graduated from Marple.

  38. Tom Verica of Havertown and Robert Hazard of Springfield.

  39. Geoff Petrie
    Robert Hazard

  40. You forgot John Mobley and Billy “White shoes” Johnson

  41. How bout the Crawford Family of the LYNNEWOOD section of Haverford Twp…..PATRIARCH: MLB UMPIRE ‘ SHAG CRAWFORD; sons: JERRY CRAWFORD MLB UMPIRE ( was probably the best MLB ump of his era ; and JOEY or JOE CRAWFORD NBA REF ( just retired ….will get selected for the NBA HALL of FAME someday).

  42. How about Tom Ingylsby. Cardinal O’Hara Grad and Villanova Basketball Star ?

  43. Oh yea! David Murphy. Channel 6 Action News and O’Hara Classmate’77👍

  44. Dick Clark (American Bandstand) & Al Alberts (Four Aces) were Delco residents. Ethel Waters, one of the first Black women celebrities, was from Chester.

  45. Was wondering if you had any other tshirts other than the only one you have available on your site, currently.

  46. How about former Green Bay Packer Bob Kuberski?

  47. Hey,
    Love the site! Why don’t you guys sell “Delco Pride” tee shirts? I’d buy one!

  48. at last! a beer marketed towards the wife-beater wearing, pill-abusing douche bags that never left their parents basement.

    Delco’s finest!