Friday, June 22, 2018
That’s So DELCO

That’s So DELCO

Being from Delaware County, is something that is hard to explain.  If you’re not from here, it’s hard to get what “we” are all about.  Every town, borough and city has its on unique persona but all of us are still Delco.  We love our sports teams, whether it is professional, high school or little league, bar league softball is a national pastime, we live for Thursday nights, Friday Happy Hour and Sunday day loads watching the Birds.  We have a beef and beer, not a fundraiser or benefit, for anyone from our neighborhood that is need.  We have a love/hate relationship with the town we grew up in, but no one better talk about our little town, the people there or Delco as a whole, because we will be ready fight literally and figuratively for the place we call home.

Diana is my name; each week I will give all of you my glimpse and take on what it means to be “Delco.”  Born (in Drexel Hill), raised (in Ridley) and resided Delaware County (Secane, Wayne and Media) my entire 34 years of life. Even for college, I attended one of the several Colleges in Delaware County (Cabrini College), I have never left this County and I do not have any plans to.  It’s the place where me, my immediate and extended family have called home for over 60 years.

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